The Mech Valley Debacle

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Longshot’s girlfriend has been taken to the stronghold of the sinister robot Torakku N’obotto, a being known for his vile objectification of women and a lifestyle of gluttonous excess. In an effort to rescue his beloved Princess Pumpkitina from a life of slavery in the ancient despot’s sinister court, Longshot has recruited the aid of Prince Joryn and his fellow heroes to go into the Wyyrd Outback, seek out N’obotto’s fortress, and face down the robotic tyrant himself, in the tightly controlled city of Mech Valley.


As Joryn, Longshot, and the other heroes in their posse make their way through the Outback, maneuvering through a vast array of strange creatures and cultures, hordes of deadly monsters, and all the pitfalls of Longshot’s hidden past, they will ultimately come to realize that nothing is quite as it seems at the heart of the Wyyrd Outback, and the only strategy that has any chance of seeing them through is to expect the unexpected.


*This adventure takes place after the events of The Legends of Nod, Book III: Enter: The Wanderer.


Into the Wyyrd Outback

N'obotto Revealed


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