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N'obotto Revealed

The Mech Valley debacle, Part I

A Hero Before His Time

Longshot’s quest to rescue his girlfriend, Princess Pumpkitina, is nearing its end. After being arrested by the Mech Valley Authority and finding a friend in Sheriff Rykko, Longshot, along with his friends Prince Joryn, Sir Lowgun Kin, and Kabed, has been set free, and the heroes have set out once again on their mission to find Torakku N’obotto’s mansion and rescue the princess from a life of slavery in the vile despot’s sinister court. Though they have come through a number of adventures since leaving the Imperial Palace behind them, the greatest trials still lay ahead, and the heroes will soon discover that nothing is quite as it seems at the heart of the Wyyrd Outback.

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The Legends of Nod: The Mech Valley Debacle #2 “N'obotto Revealed”

First Published: July 2016

All content 2015-2020 by Clark Ink, LLC

ISBN: 978-1-61815-141-4 (pocket paperback)