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* indicates a tentative release date for which some details are still being finalized.
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Note: The Legends of Nod expanded editions just keep getting pushed back for all the right reasons! Every delay means an addition to the release that will make these books even better than originally planned. Rest assured, we are really trying to get them out by the date on the schedule below!


July 4

The Legends of Nod, Book I: The Dragons of Nod (Third Edition)*
Novelette: hardback; e-book

September 5

The Legends of Nod, Book II: All for the Blood of Nightstorm (Second Edition)*
Novella: hardback; e-book

November 7

The Legends of Nod, Book III: Enter: The Wanderer (Second Edition)*
Novella: hardback; e-book


January 2

The Legends of Nod, Book IV: The Mech Valley Debacle (Collected Edition)*
Novel: hardback; e-book

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