Enter: The Wanderer

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Enter: The Wanderer

All for the Blood of Nightstorm

The Mech Valley Debacle

Thousands of years ago, a dark sorcerer, known only as the Wanderer, unleashed a reign of terror across the world of Nod. Over the ages since, this villain has met defeat, only to return, time and again, to plague the land with his invidious magic and his unyielding hunger for conquest. Past heroes have defeated the Wanderer in their time, quelling his menace, only to lose their own lives in the process.


Now, one thousand years after the last recorded defeat of the legendary villain, just as Prince Joryn has inherited the Sword and Shield of Libran, that long ago were the bane of the evil sorcerer’s schemes, so has the Wanderer returned to the forefront of history, with a goal no less ambitious than the total subjugation of the Empire of Nod.


When the resurgent Wanderer launches a devastating act of terrorism across all of the Empire’s territories, Joryn and his fellow heroes must face this new threat under the looming knowledge that, even if they are victorious, the villain will not fall easily. And, if the stories are to be believed, then no hero can ever bring about the downfall of the Wanderer without paying the ultimate price.


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The Legends of Nod, Book III: Enter: The Wanderer

First Published: February 2015

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ISBN: 978-1-61815-118-6 (hardback)


ISBN: 978-1-61815-119-3 (trade paperback)


ISBN: 978-1-61815-120-9 (e-book)


ISBN: 978-1-61815-139-1 (pocket paperback)