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The Theomoprh

In a realm divided by ambition and the thirst for power, one young boy holds a secret that could change the fate of two mighty kingdoms, as rulers vie for supremacy and alliances teeter on the edge of betrayal.


Theo, a humble youth with an extraordinary gift, possesses the ability to transform into a god at will. When summoned by the King of the North, Theo’s life takes a dramatic turn, as he is thrust into a delicate dance of diplomacy and deception. Tasked with fostering unity between rival kingdoms, Theo’s powers become both a blessing and a curse, as his love-filled message is twisted by the ambitions of men.


As tensions escalate and war looms on the horizon, Theo grapples with the consequences of his divine abilities. Either love will truly conquer all, or the two kingdoms’ thirst for power will drown out the voice of reason, when the choices of a god and the mortals he adores shape the destiny of nations.

Kindle eBook Edition -

A5 Paperback Edition - for the bookshelf!

"The Theomorph"

First Published: March 2024

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ISBN: 978-1-61815-151-3 (Kindle eBook)

ISBN: 978-1-61815-152-0 (A5 Paperback)