The Haunting of Alexas Mansion

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Publication History

  • The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas, Volume II: The Haunting of Alexas Mansion was originally serialized in e-book format as The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas #4-15, from June 13, 2005 to November 13, 2012. See the original serialization page for more information on the publication history of the individual serial episodes.


  • The first collected edition was scheduled for publication in hardback, trade paperback, and Kindle e-book formats on May 6, 2014, but after a series of delays was published on June 17, 2014.


  • The collected edition is scheduled for release in pocket paperback format on May 2, 2017.

Current Collected Edition

Available May 6!
1st Collected Edition - Hardback

Available May 6!
1st Collected Edition - Trade Paperback

Available May 6!
1st Collected Edition - E-Book

Available May 2!
Pocket Paperback
1st Collected Edition - Pocket Paperback

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